Our Healthcare Mitr Services

Our Healthcare Mitr Services (OHM Healthcare) is an innovative healthcare solutions provider that uses a high-tech, high-touch approach to revolutionize home healthcare services.  Our holistic approach to health relies not only on tracking health metrics and delivering highest quality medical services, but also facilitating the emotional connections and social interactions that are crucial to well-being.

We offer the following healthcare solutions:

  • Proactive healthcare for family, especially elderly & family of people working away

  • Routine and emergency medical care services from trusted, highly-trained professionals

  • High tech & Hi-touch approach

  • Routine health checks

  • High-tech tracking of all health records and vitals

  • Diligent and transparent record-keeping of all health checks, medical history, as a ready reckoner.

  • 24×7 medical emergency services

  • Above all, an emotional connect with family, especially lonely elders through our dedicated health mitrs and our one-of-a-kind social network

We are not just facilitators; we are enablers, and our clients are our utmost priority.  We specialize in preventive healthcare, as well as swift response to emergency situations.  We are also tech-enabled, allowing us to provide especially for elderly & lonely people who do not have in-house support.  Our cloud-based platform also allows all stakeholders to access medical reports and records anytime, anywhere globally.