India – A Lonely Planet

In India 33% of elderly people fall ill at least once in a year.

An alarming 20% of this illness is life threatening

But this need not be the case – 50% of these life-threatening illnesses can be avoided by proactive healthcare.

Percentage of adults over 60 living alone

In urban India,  the steady rise in nuclear families has led to increased concern about healthcare, especially in the case of elderly people staying alone, away from their kids (who are either in other cities or abroad) or with women managing household chores in absence of their husbands, who work abroad.

What’s the solution?

OHM Healthcare

Through our integrated health platform,  we are able to provide the following services to families living away from their elderly parents or other loved ones:

  • Seamless upkeep of health records & medical history

  • Dedicated team to address medical emergencies

  • Companions and proactive healthcare services for lonely parents

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