The OHM Advantage

OHM offers a one-of-a-kind web/App/phone based platform that can be accessed using feature phones, smart phones, tablets, and computers.


When you are ready to begin with OHM, you complete the following steps – it’s that easy!

  • Register – Use phone App, website, or call centre to register for desired services

  • A Sehat Mitr/Saheli will be assigned – shared or dedicated depending upon the package chosen

  • A dedicated web page will be assigned to registered person and shared with all concerned in the family for them to view progress

  • If you opt for it, medical history is collected & uploaded

  • Through our unique social media app, Sehat Mitr connects patient to other senior citizens in the area with similar interests, facilitating social interaction and emotional well-being

  • Medical check-ups/tests/investigations planned by dedicated healthcare professional depending upon needs.

  • Depending on package, an emergency button and a dedicated 24×7 helpline will be assigned

  • Ongoing engagement with the audience depending upon need or planned as per the package

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